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  • Improved dwarves pathfinding through the long distance ways.
  • Improved dwarves AI for returning to the shelter when player switch on the siege mode.
  • Significant performance optimization for the windows platforms.
  • Increased durability of lower layers so player needs improved tools to dig them
    • 3rd layer, durability 16->32
    • 4th layer 40->80
    • 5th layer 70->140
    • pyramid block 2200->4400
    • mithril 50->70
    • diamonds 65->70
    • Increased performance of mithril pickaxe 9->15
  • When trying to download a saved game incompatible with current version now displaying warning message instead of regeneration a new level. It prevents of losing the game progress.
  • Fixed bug with tech progress calculation when using autofilling the craft table.
  • Fixed bug with a dwarf climbing through the air in direct control mode.
  • Fixed bug allowed cutting down the tree or digging any block instantly.
  • Fixed bug with magic portal closing if one was placed at the block with closed door or hatch.
  • Fixed bug with invisible portal near the stockpile.
  • Fixed bug with lack of additional stockpile recipe in sandbox mode.
  • Interface performance optimization.
  • Few changes in the tech tree structure for better investigation.
  • Several recipe and parameters changes for better logicality: fabric, leather armor, miner statue.
  • Added recipes for plain hats for disassembling them.
  • Grunts shop prices balancing (thanks to Rene Miner).
  • Slightly decreased probability and quantity of gargoyles arriving from the monsters portal.
  • Changes in pickaxes characteristics.
  • Fixed crush issues when trying to cancel craft.
  • Fixed loot appearing from larvae.
  • Other minor changes.