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  • Added new 4th underground world. You can reach it through the portal from the 3rd world in campaign mode or by choosing an appropriate type of the world in custom game mode. New foes and peaceful creatures, new plants and additional recipes of items await you!
  • Added new sounds for creatures and events.
  • Improved AI of dwarves for selecting construction tasks, placing blocks from elevators cabin, getting stuck at the elevators cabin under water, falling from elevator cabin without back wall blocks, behavior when marking flying targets, selecting of building tasks when using several additional stockpiles, fishing through the ground blocks.
  • Improved dwarves AI when they use railways and elevators.
  • Fixed archers dwarves AI while attacking enemies under water from above.
  • Improved battle system in cases when several creatures simultaneously attack each other.
  • Added hot key for switching dwarves in the equipment dialog - <space>.
  • You can put on an equipment item on the selected dwarf by x2 clicking on the item at the equipment dialog.
  • If you place weapon in the equipment slot then dwarf use it always even he has got a tool with better damage.
  • Now additional parameters are displayed for ranged weapons.
  • Now dwarves build blocks of stucco considering to previously chosen type of these blocks.
  • Small changes in the tech tree for old worlds - added several items from 4th world, luxury decorating technology was disconnected from others.
  • Fixed progress calculation when placing item recipe from it manually.
  • Changed cut speed setting for axes: stone axe 1,5->2, iron 2->3, steel 3->4, silver 4->5, mithril 5->7.
  • Fixed several cases of wrong illumination
  • Balanced tuning for loot remaining from creatures. Now loot appears even after transfiguration spell.
  • Fixed AI of gargoyles when they didn't want to break the shelter walls.
  • Fixed several cases when items pass through the blocks if they fall from high altitude.
  • Fixed bug when portal spell removes wheat at the same place.
  • Giant ants now attack all creatures.
  • Fixed bug with the appearing of ants' nests under water.
  • Improved animation of big zombie.
  • Added displaying of the notification icon about monsters' portal (instead of positioning screen) and notification icon about dwarf death.
  • Fixed several issues of inexplicable death of dwarves and other creatures.
  • Fixed game crush when using light spell near lava.
  • Fixed bug with instantly growing of wheat.
  • Fixed some crush issues while colliding creatures and items.
  • Other minor changes.
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