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  • Added snail - the icon designating bad network connection.
  • Ice biome now contains two witches which can respawn.
  • Fixed animation of the Dark Lord.
  • Fixed the number of objects in a quick slot - is not reduced if player lay out dishes on the table with holding down CTRL key.
  • Fixed incorrect displaying of fishing.
  • The initial quantity of resources at the entrance to biomes is increased.
  • Fixed: in multiplayer it was possible to connect each other with different versions of the game (if other player invites you in the game).
  • Fixed: after death at least one dwarf in the multiplayer game, their maximum quantity was reduced to 5.
  • Fixed: ghosts of dwarves sometimes didn't reach Soul Keeper.
  • Fixed: zombies were gone in waves in The Land of Winter Heaven and the Land of Dry winds.
  • Fixed: problem of synchronization of construction of blocks in multiplayer.
  • Fixed: the opponent could change a configuration of constructions of other player with mouse click.
  • It is forbidden to place blocks inside the castle of the Dark Lord now.
  • Fixed: the damage from traps on opponent’s dwarves wasn't set off at calculation of a victory in a multiplayer.
  • Fixed: in Single game dwarves could hit the totem with arrows.
  • Optimization of a network traffic.