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The Bestiary is one of the Diary's 3 tabs. It collects info about creatures the player have found in worlds and biomes. It is cumulative to an installed game. This means that the number of registered creatures will always grow, as the player starts new campaigns and custom games (or not), until he/she has a record of all creatures. The only way to erase a already docummented creature from the Bestiary is reinstalling the game.

New Creature Sign

New Creature

When a dwarf approaches a new creature, this sign appears on the left side of the screen, linking the Bestiary page of this creature.

Game description[edit | edit source]

Tutorial Granpa.png Here, we will record all of the creatures you've met in this new world.
~ The old man  on Campaign Tutorial

Access[edit | edit source]

It can be accessed by:

and then changing to the "Bestiary" tab.

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