Expert Construction

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Expert Construction
Tier 5
Prereq Advanced Processing
Basic Stone Working
Unlocks Wooden Tower.png Wooden Tower
Square Window.png Square Window
Tough Backpack.png Tough Backpack
Steel Ladder.png Steel Ladder[1]
Wooden Wheel.png Wooden Wheel[2]
Steel Drill.png Steel Drill[2]
Digging Machine Body.png Digging Machine Body[2]
Self-Propelled Digging Machine.png Digging Machine[2]
Leads to Advanced Decorating
For the tree with all technologies, see: Tech Tree.

History[edit | edit source]

Version Release Changes
1.6.000 25 Jun 2019 Wooden Wheel, Steel Drill, Digging Machine Body and Self-Propelled Digging Machine were added.
Quick Ladder Pack was moved to Advanced Armor.
Metal Chest was moved to Expert Furnishing.
Flowerbed was moved to Advanced Decorating.
Spire was moved to Basic Stone Working.

References[edit | edit source]

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