Giant Worm

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Giant Worm
Giant Worm.png
Attack 3
Walking speed 96
Health 50
Icon Giant Worm icon.png
2x Slime
3x Needle
5x Chitin
10x Coin
10x Silver Ore (50% chance)
10x Gold Ore (50% chance)
10x Mithril Ore (50% chance)

The Giant Worm[1] is a dangerous[2] hostile creature in Craft the World. It causes earthquakes when it strikes and removes a massive row of blocks. It only appears in the deep underground of Snow World and Desert World. A Giant Worm is difficult to kill as it disappears shortly after spawning, but killing one will unlock the Worm hunter achievement.

Game description[edit | edit source]

Diary.png A mysterious beast from the depths suddenly arrives, bringing much destruction. Be alert when working deep down, and leave an escape path open! Even a group of several armed dwarves can't handle these creatures.
~ Craft the World Bestiary

Tips[edit | edit source]

Never attack a giant worm with the fireball spell, it will only divert it and make it go diagonally wrecking your tunnel and thus, more difficult to kill.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Refered simply as worm in game files.
  2. As classified in the Bestiary.