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The Halloween is a special event that happens every year on the Halloween days including the 2 weeks after it, and on Fridays 13[1] During this event, some graphical changes will be seen in all different worlds. Pumpkins will grow sometimes and can be cut down. Monsters waves will be replaced by some special fighting challenge with new type of creatures.

Zombie Open Season[edit | edit source]

Zombies Open Season.png

Zombie Open Seasons are mini-events or mini-games that happen every night inside the Halloween event period. The game consist in Monster Portals opening and spawning only zombies, and a zombie number counter. The counter schedule an amount of zombies that must die that night, dividing the objective in 3 stages and giving 1 star for each stage accomplished. The more stars the player get, the bigger will be the reward at the morning.

Each opened portal spawn a limited amount of zombies. The player must kill them as fast as possible because the next portal will only open if there is no more zombies left alive from the previous one.

As the items provided are in most cases strictly better than any other item in the game, and will literally drop from the sky without any of the hassle of crafting them, it's highly recommended to use coins and buy mithril weapons, if this technology is not available yet. The 3 stars reward also includes some coins and will compensate part of the investment.

Items[edit | edit source]

Rewarding the stars in the night event but also spawning randomly during the day, packed halloween items will be parachuted around the base, and a notification will move the screen to their location when clicked. Each box is opened by clicking on them. The items will fall on the ground and dwarfs will be able to collect them.

History[edit | edit source]

Version Date Changes
1.3.005 2 Nov 2016 Fixed bug - zombies counter grows indefinitely when Halloween zombie falls into the lava.
Halloween celebration prolonged about 2 weeks, the frequency of the waves eventually decreasing.
Reduced the number of items in the award for the 2nd star in the Halloween event.
1.3.004 27 Oct 2016 Special content available during the event: attire, weapons, armors and furniture items.
Hostile creatures behave more aggressively than usual.
Introduced the zombie waves.
Monsters, plants and the rest of the environment take on an unusual appearance.
0.9.036 17 Oct 2014 Introduced.

References[edit | edit source]

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