Iron Ore

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Iron Ore
Iron Ore.png Iron Block.png
Type Block – Crafting material
Price per Unit 1 Coin(s)

Iron Ore is a common type of block, used in crafting various recipes. Iron Ore can be obtained by dwarf miners digging for resources. It can generally be found closer to the surface than gold or silver, and can often be found near veins of coal. Iron ore can be crafted when the "Change Substances" catagory is unlocked which is only unlocked in the underground world (Level 4 of campaign). Iron ore is the second worst material in the game for making tools (iron armour doesn't exist currently in the game but can make tools and a weapon) as it is used to make steel which is the third worst material to making tools and armour in the game) crafting steel give you double the amount if you were crafting other ingots. you cannot find steel underground or any biome as it dosent make sense even in real life.

Crafting recipe[edit | edit source]

Note that this recipe only works in Underground World.

Crafting Station
Ingredient(s) Amount
Coal.png Coal 3
Stone.png Stone 1
Crafting Grid

Empty.png     Coal.png     Empty.png

Empty.png     Stone.png     Empty.png

Coal.png     Empty.png     Coal.png

Iron Ore.png Iron Ore 1