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The main purpose of multiplayer[edit | edit source]

Is it possible to lose?[1]

In multiplayer, as in a single game, there is a main goal - to collect pieces of the portal. However, in multiplayer, unlike a single player, pieces of portal 11, not 5.

But that's not all, a wave of monsters is trying to get to your main warehouse and destroy it. Pointing the cursor at the warehouse, you can see how much percent of his health is left. As soon as the percentage of health drops to zero - everything, your song is sung and you lost.

Therefore, in multiplayer it is important not only to build a portal, but also to protect the main warehouse.

By the way, you can not repair the warehouse.

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  1. This was posted by the oficial Craft the World profile in VK at 27 November 2017 in russian, and was translated automatically by Google.
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