Simple Hat

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Simple Hat
Simple Hat.png
A simple hat protects from rain and sun, but not from hits to the head.
Type Helmet
Armor Red Cross.png

Simple hat[1] is a basic garment new dwarfs may spawn with in the Forest and Underground Worlds.

It may be kept on dwarf's head (helmet slot) or moved to the inventory, where, through the "Craft" menu, it can be recycled.

Disassembling[edit | edit source]

Although this item cannot be crafted, the player may get some of these resources below when disassembling it.

Item to be disassembled
Simple Hat.png Simple Hat
Expected material(s) Qty.
Fabric.png Fabric 1
Needles.png Needles 1
Disassembled Material Grid
Fabric.png Needles.png

References[edit | edit source]

  1. This is the inventory name of the item. In game files it's called base_hat.