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Can be melted into usable water.
Types Block • Raw material
Durability 2
Price per Unit 0.1 Coin(s)
Snow.png Snow
Berries.png Berries x1 (20% chance)

While in other worlds it rains, producing water, in the Snow World it snows, producing blocks of snow. And while water can only be collected with buckets, dwarfs can dig snow as any other solid block. It can be used to make ice. If you put snow underground, it will melt into water.

Acquiring[edit | edit source]

Snow is an easily obtained natural resource, not only because it's abundant above ground, but also because it's very fast dug, even with a stone pickaxe. When digging snow blocks there is a 20% chance of also getting berries.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Although there is a recipe to produce snow from ice[1] (1 ice ⟶ 4 snow blocks), snow is not a craftable item[2]. It may be acquired though from an ice block when disassembling it. In this case, it will give back only 3 of the 4 snow blocks used to produce the ice. Check the ice recipe to visualize what would be its disassembling grid.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

Placing[edit | edit source]

When a dwarf is given a order to place a snow block, he will always place it in the foreground. Although it is possible to use snow in the background by replacing any other material already placed. So, if the player wishes to create a snow background where there isn't any, he/she should first place a background of earth, for example, and then replace it by snow. It may be useful at the very early game when creating the shelter ambience, and either earth and stone are not so acessible than snow.

Falling[edit | edit source]

When the block under it is removed, snow blocks and ice blocks fall after a few seconds, just like sand, but with an interesting difference: it will not fall if there is a block of ice or snow next to it, either above, to the right or to the left[3].

Producing water[edit | edit source]

After being placed underground by a dwarf, a block of snow will melt into water approximately after a dozen seconds, and will produce a 1 block puddle of water, wich generates 1 water bag after being collected. It is though more efficient to use ice in this process. Four snow blocks are used to produce 1 ice, and this will melt, after the same dozen seconds, into a 5 block puddle of water, wich generates 5 water bags after being collected. The ice option will spare 80% of dwarf placing actions and 80% of waiting time (for blocks to melt).

1 snow block placed ≈ 12 sec a 1 block puddle of water collecting 1 water bag
1 ice block placed ≈ 12 sec a 5 block puddle of water collecting 5 water bags

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References[edit | edit source]

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  2. Checked in a 1.4.009 game version.
  3. This property is called fall_link in the game files, and only apply to these two types of materials.