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In this page you can find a lot of useful tips for a better game-play.

Avoiding danger[edit | edit source]

  • Only goblins steal items from your stockpile, so if there are too many enemies for your tribe, you can move all your dwarfs in a safe place and return in the morning without having items stolen.
  • Destroy Graveyards as soon as possible in order to reduce the number of Skeletons that you may encounter during night time. Do it during day time so the spammed Skeleton dies immediately. Or do it during night to get some extra "free" exp. (leave one or two Graveyard as you may need to kill the spawned Skeleton to get Skeleton's bones for crafting ... & for keeping your Warriors/Archers challenged & improving their skills in progress plus loot weapons can be disassembled to iron ore & other materials.)
  • Use Beware sign to limit & prevent Dwarfs from moving into danger locations like deep waters or heights or into enemies.
  • Stay away from Scroll Keepers until you have mythril weapons.
  • When a dwarf falls in lava (the bottom of the "world"), takes severe injury and dies until manage to get out. Dying in lava destroys equipment (armor, weapons, etc.) rather than leaving loot that other dwarfs can collect.

Defense[edit | edit source]

  • While a monster is attacking a block, you can highlight the block and un-highlight it to reset its damage.
  • While a monster is attacking a door/hatch, you can attack it from inside safely without getting damaged.
  • Placing a foreground block on a creature (except your dwarfs), will kill the creature instantly, but you also lose any loot it might provide.
  • Build terrain traps
    • You can create pits around your shelter to trap monsters. Zombies cannot climb, and skeletons can only climb on each other.
    • Sand Walls make an excellent defense even against the largest triggered swarms of enemies (vertical sand blocks between two vertical stone or higher material wall) ... sand will fall on monsters to kill'em or badly injure & delay them long time.
  • Craft defensive traps
    • Use Wood/Iron Cages to hold monsters & delay them as much as possible.
    • Can use Wooden/Iron traps to kill/Injure monsters & to kill animals near your base instead of running after them (though traps will be consumed in the process & re-crafting others will fast deplete your Wood/Iron resources so not preferred to use them so often).
    • Spikes are so good at delaying hordes but consume resources so not preferred to use them so often too (creating many 2*2 stone block pits from both base sides are more effective & stone can be retrieved after destroyed).
  • Seal your base under three layers of dirt, only venturing to the surface using the Magic Portal spell.

Battle[edit | edit source]

  • Use the Swordsman/Archer skill books as soon as you have it available so your dwarfs will deal better damage.
  • Dwarfs will run if hit too often from both front and back, avoid this by taking control (& use magic fire ball & other offensive spells to aid the dwarfs if swarmed).
  • Archers do more damage than Swordsmen but cannot fire unless the enemy is 2 blocks away. Also they miss some shots.
  • Try to fight enemies while they are spread out, by catching them with a Magic Portal spell.
  • Equip half your dwarfs with Bows as it deal more damage than melee weapons & it's useful for hunting animals.

Healing[edit | edit source]

  • You must place 1 bed per dwarf. The dwarfs without a bed will be unable to sleep.
  • Improve the comfort level of your shelter by replacing home walls with wood and then better materials.
  • Mages will use Health Elixirs automatically.
  • Add different dishes on Table or your dwarfs will get bored of the same food and not eat.

Advancement speed[edit | edit source]

  • Magic Portal
  • You can instantly build anything by manual controlling a dwarf because you have access to all items.
  • Mine second background layer of material by replacing with dirt (sometimes doesn't work like with background of Gold).
  • Destroy the goblin camp for loot & give your self time to advance before they re-spawn another camp.
  • Skeletons & Goblins sometimes drop better weapons & good loot so fight them often especially useful early on game.
  • Use of Scaffold for constructing, mining & even in fighting ... be creative.
    • Scaffolding is erected immediately and doesn't require any assembling by dwarves.
    • Removing the scaffolding is instant, and doesn't require disassembling by dwarves.
    • Constructing a front wall on top of scaffolding will see the scaffolding immediately returned to your inventory - there's no need to haul it back to the stockpile.
  • Build a vertical shaft above the stockpile and put crafting stations in a column over it with ladders between levels. Dwarfs will drop crafted items onto the stockpile for faster gathering.
  • You can have more than one wagon on the same rail track for fast transporting more than one Dwarf horizontally.
  • Place an elevator at the top of a vertical shaft. The elevator mechanism requires a 3x2 area, but the shaft below need only be 1 block wide and can also contain ladders.
  • Beer makes your dwarfs more productive. They build, craft and mine faster. Tea makes your dwarfs move quicker.

Play speed[edit | edit source]

  • When crafting an item for the first time:
    • Click a missing ingredient to go to the necessary inventory page
    • Double-click a placed ingredient to spread it to adjacent cells
  • Use Hotkeys.
  • Use Ctrl key to open another Quick slot bar.
  • Use "P" to pause the game so you can check all scene & take the right decision/strategy (zooming out will show you all monsters as big images).

Misc[edit | edit source]

  • You can Disassemble the dwarves' default hats, such as the Woodman's Hat, to obtain extra materials early in the game. Since these hats do not provide armor, you've only the resources to gain and nothing to lose.
  • A world can only hold a limited number of non-hostile creatures at a time, so you should kill snails to ensure that more sheep, boars and chickens spawn.
  • Don't relocate early level up's bonus & awards (like 2nd stock pile) as it will be destroyed & you won't be able to crafted until very late in-game so just be keen where you construct it.
  • While you're opening the inventory/crafting/skill tree window ; the game is paused & Mana will be refilled while though so take your time to take the right decision or just take a rest. Mana is refilled at the speed of the unpaused game so switch to 2x speed before taking a rest.
  • Save files directory is found in ... C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\dekovir ... AppData will be mostly hidden as a system folder so view it 1st ... in C folder in upper Toolbar ... Tools > Folder options > View > mark beside "show hidden files, folder & drivers".
  • Doors, Hatches, Walls, Bridge parts and Roof parts can change the orientation by left clicking on them while you have the same item type selected (it will also works if you have 0 in stock, you just need to have the item in a quick slot).
  • If it's your 1st time to play "Craft of the world" ; it'll be more fun to restart the game after reaching half the Craft Tree as by then you'd knew game mechanics & you'll know what to do , craft , beware of to preserve resources & your early Dwarfs from being killed.
  • Keep an eye on Dwarfs activities all the time as they may face unexpected monsters & may discover books, rooms & other stuff while mining.
  • Some items can be deconstructed to retrieve its material like Mummy's Saber > deconstructed > retrieve Iron Ore.
  • Keep the underground well lit if you want to avoid the spawn of Dark Creature (though let some dark to get to kill one sometime & get needles for later)