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Trees are, as in real life, large structures which yield Wood and other resources when chopped down. Trees spawn randomly atop earth blocks on the surface. When this happens, the tree will be only one or two blocks tall. If left alone, however, they will grow taller over time. Taller trees produce more resources; thus, it is a good idea to let trees grow to great heights before cutting them down, if the need for resources is not immediate.

There are four types of tree: Apple Trees, Pine, Thuja, and Birch. The type of tree determines its appearance, and what resources (in addition to Wood) are dropped when it is cut by a dwarf. Trees and bushes spawn with higher frequency near plants of the same type.

When chopping down trees, dwarves use the Logger skill, along with whatever tool is equipped in their axe slot. The section of the tree which was designated for cutting does not matter; if one piece of the tree is cut down, the entire tree will be. You can force the vegetation to respawn by using the spell Magic Forest

Apple Tree[edit | edit source]

Apple tree.png When chopped down, this tree yields Apples and Wood

Pine[edit | edit source]

Pine.png When chopped down, this tree yields Resin and Wood

Thuja[edit | edit source]

Thuja.png When chopped down, this tree yields Cone, Resin and Wood

Birch[edit | edit source]

Birch.png When chopped down, this tree yields Leaves and Wood

Misc Vegetation[edit | edit source]

Bush[edit | edit source]

Bush.png Bushes produce Berries and Leaves when they are cut down.

Wheat[edit | edit source]

Wheat.png Wheat plants produces wheat but only when the plant is mature.