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Weapons are used by dwarfs while fighting or hunting. There are two kinds of weapons: melee and distance.

Melee[edit | edit source]

Some melee weapons come with a inherent hit rate bonus; mostly swords and spears. It's exact values aren't visible for players inside the game. Algthough it is noticeable that some weapons make dwarfs hit faster than others. A great example of this disparity is the Mithril Sword with a speed bonus of +200% and the Mithril Hammer with no bonus at all.

Name Damage Hit Rate Acquired by World
Stone Knife.png Stone Knife 10 x 1,5 Starter item All
Club.png Club 15 x 1,5 Crafting, Drop (Big Yeti) All
Steel Club.png Steel Club 20 x 1,0 Crafting All
Steel Sword.png Steel Sword 25 x 1,5 Crafting All
Silver Sword.png Silver Sword 35 x 2,0 Crafting All
Yatagan.png Yatagan 40 x 2,0 Crafting All
Mithril Hammer.png Mithril Hammer 45 x 1,0 Crafting All
Mithril Sword.png Mithril Sword 45 x 3,0 Crafting All
Goblin Spear.png Goblin Spear 20 x 1,0 Drop (Goblin) Forest
Frostling Spear.png Frostling Spear 20 x 1,0 Drop (Frostling Leader) Snow
Skeleton's Rusty Mace.png Skeleton's Rusty Mace 17 x 1,0 Drop (Skeleton) All
Skeleton's Mace.png Skeleton's Mace 17 x 1,0 Drop (Skeleton with Shield) All
Skeleton's Saber.png Skeleton's Saber 17 x 1,0 Drop (Skeleton / Skeleton Builder) All
Mummy's Saber.png Mummy's Saber 17 x 1,0 Drop (King Mummy) Desert
Cave Goblin Spear.png Cave Goblin Spear 23 x 1,0
Cave Goblin Worn-Out Saber.png Cave Goblin Worn-Out Saber 20 x 1,5 Drop (Cave Goblin Warrior) Underground
Cave Goblin Saber.png Cave Goblin Saber 25 x 1,5 Drop (Cave Goblin Warrior) Underground
Cave Goblin Excellent Saber.png Cave Goblin Excellent Saber 40 x 1,5 Drop (Cave Goblin Warrior) Underground
Dark Lord Servant’s halberd.png Dark Lord Servant’s halberd 30 x 1,0 Forest Biome award All[1]
Sword of the Dark Lord.png Sword of the Dark Lord 30 x 1,0 Forest Biome award All[1]
Dragon Warrior's Sword.png Dragon Warrior's Sword 40 x 2,0 Lunar New Year All
Funny Skeleton Mace.png Funny Skeleton Mace 48 x 1,0 Halloween All

Distance[edit | edit source]

Bows and Firearms[edit | edit source]

Name Damage Accuracy Range Acquired by World
Wooden Bow.png Wooden Bow 20 70% 3 Crafting All
Frostling Bow.png Frostling Bow 25 50% 3 Drop (Frostling) Snow World
Longbow.png Longbow 30 60% 4 Crafting All
Heavy Bow.png Heavy Bow 43 50% 5 Crafting All
Pistol.png Pistol 20 85% 3 Crafting Underground World
Rifle.png Rifle 30 70% 4 Crafting Underground World
High-Powered Rifle.png High-Powered Rifle 50 60% 5 Crafting Underground World

Ammunition[edit | edit source]

Dwarfs can use different kinds of arrows and bullets with their bows and guns. They will automatically use the most effective one available but it is possible to disable a kind in the "Equip" window (each dwarf has to be managed separately).

Name Damage Acquired by
Simple Arrows.png Simple Arrows +0 Unlimited
Fire Arrows.png Fire Arrows +20 Crafting
Silver Arrows.png Silver Arrows +40 Crafting
Simple Ammo.png Simple Ammo +0 Unlimited
Steel Ammo.png Steel Ammo +30 Crafting
Incendiary Ammo.png Incendiary Ammo +50 Crafting

Staffs[edit | edit source]

Name Damage Range Hits Acquired by World
Wooden Staff.png Wooden Staff 10 4 1 Crafting All
Wizard's Staff.png Wizard's Staff 20 5 2 Crafting All
Mithril Wizard's Staff.png Mithril Wizard's Staff 30 6 3 Crafting All
Shaman's Staff.png Shaman's Staff 25 6 4 Underground Biome award All[1]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 After being awarded with this item when completing its respective Biome, it can be used in all worlds.